randytayler (randytayler) wrote,

Islamic Law is Idiotic. There, I Said It.

http://www.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/meast/03/09/saudi.arabia.lashes/index.html tells the story of a 75 year-old woman who has been sentenced to receive 40 lashes because she had two unrelated men in her home. Yep -- that's the crime. Men that weren't related to her were in her home.

Countries that rule under Islamic law... I don't know what to say. Are people there just stupid? Does it take a smaller brain to embrace Islam? Saudi Arabia is still ruled by a KING, for heaven's sake. 

But we treat them gently, and let them establish state religions, because hey, it's their country, not ours. What right do we have to protect their citizens? None. And we just hope and wait that they'll get civilized. And we're willing to trade freely with them, despite their constant human rights violations, because, quite frankly, we need to -- if we're going to maintain our standard of living.

Or in some cases we ignore them entirely because they have nothing to trade. I'm looking at you, Sudan.

I don't have a solution. Just venting. If it were up to me... well, thank goodness it's not up to me. I'd probably have assassinated every one of their government officials by now. Can't get them much madder at us than they already are. Unless we drew some cartoons of Mohamed, perhaps.

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